Thursday, 7 October 2010

September 4th 2010

An HDR from 5 separate exposures of St Michael's Mount near Penzance.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

September 3rd 2010

A long exposure of waves over rocks at Porth Nanven in the West Penwith area of Cornwall. This is one of my favourite places - I could sit for hours here! I think this may work well in black and white, perhaps mainly concentrating on the blue channel; will have to give it a try when the mood takes me.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

September 2nd 2010

We walked from Porthgwarra to Sennen. It is such a glorious stretch of coast, and with the sun shining, it made for a wonderful day out.

Saturday, 25 September 2010

31st August 2010

The remains of the old pier at St Ives.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

30th August 2010

Visited Newlyn Fish Festival today - very busy, but a good outing; bought six mackrel for a barbeque tea. On the way back to the car we passed this group of musicians, The Busmen's Holiday, who were playing outside Newlyn art gallery. They really were very good, and were having such fun performing together. I ended up staying and listening and watching for over an hour!

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

29th August 2010

A picnic and bottle of chilled white wine as an accompaniment to the sunset at Pedn-men-du above Sennen Cove made for a lovely end to the day - unfortunately we never did get to see the sun set as the large bank of cloud descended faster than the sun!

Saturday, 4 September 2010

28th August 2010

On holiday in the South West of Cornwall. There are many swallows, some still very young. It won't be long before they begin their long migration.

15th August 2010

Taken for a DPChallenge contest, 'Still Life in black and white'. Natural side lighting from the left with a gold reflector at front left to provide some fill light, whilst still keeping shadows.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Sunday, 1 August 2010

17th July 2010

Today sees the start of a week's holiday in Scotland, combining camping with a few nights of comfort staying in B&Bs. The weather during the drive up from Yorkshire was atrocious, driving rain and visibility so poor that we barely saw a hill, let alone a mountain until we arrived at Glen Coe, our destination for the first night. We were lucky and the rain halted long enough to pitch the tent, cook tea, and reel off a few photos. This photo is taken just yards from our tent, looking out over Loch Leven.

Looking in the other direction, across the camp site, is the pass through Glen Coe - a pretty impressive location.

And here is tea - a good one-pot camping special, chorizo risotto.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

24th June 2010

7.30am in a field near where I work.

22nd June 2010

Some sort of dragonfly at the pond during my lunch hour.

20th June 2010

This is where I sit and have my lunch when the weather is fine and sunny.

19th June 2010

Going through the motions!

Not much to add really....

18th June 2010

One of those absolutely extraordinary moments of serendipity. This group of Chelsea Pensioners had travelled to York to be a part of the celebrations surrounding the award of new colours to the Yorkshire Regiment. Due to a mix up they ended up at the wrong barracks, and we ended up hosting them for a couple of hours. The most amazing thing is that one of the veterans, Ernie, a Green Howard, was one of the buglers who played the Last Salute at my Great Grandfather, General Sir Edward Bulfin's funeral, back in the 1930s. He was the most delightful gentleman, and I felt truly humbled to have met him.

15th June 2010

Not doing so well at keeping this blog updated!

This is another in my series of Knaresborough, its' river and viaduct. I like this one as one of the boats shares my name!

Friday, 18 June 2010

15th May 2010

13th May 2010

8th May 2010

I was visiting my daughter in Cambridge and took the opportunity to meet up with Jelena, a fellow poster to This was my first go at portraits with two flashes.

2nd May 2010

Not a good photograph, but interesting. The blue tit that has been visiting my bird feeder has a severely overgrown beak; the lower is much longer than it should be, but is eclipsed by the excessively overgrown top beak. The bird doesn't seem to be inconvenienced by the abnormality.
Best viewed large to see what I mean.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

22nd April 2010

Crummock Water from Rannerdale Knotts. A wonderful walk, with barely another walker on the hills.

21st April 2010

Blea Tarn with the Langdales looming behind.

20th April 2010

Ashness Bridge near Keswick - one of those Lake District cliché shots that just has to be done.
Best viewed larger (double click on photo).

19th April 2010

Derwent Water from Catbells.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

18th April 2010

Feeling a little achy, and so I spent the afternoon taking photographs whilst Charlotte and Peter walked around the scree side of Wast Water. This photo is looking to the classic view, but just has to be taken!

17th April 2010

From our first full day in the Lake District - I was drawn to the light and the sun rays coming over Fleetwick Pike, towards the bottom of the Honnister Pass.

Friday, 30 April 2010

15th April 2010

I had enormous fun playing in the woods - borrowed a friends little girl to 'model' with me for an entry to a DPC challenge.

16th April 2010

Heading to the Lake District for a week of chilling, walking and re-grouping after a fairly stressful few months. Unfortunately I was the rear vehicle in stationary traffic which the next car somehow failed to see. Car was written off, and some of the luggage damaged, including all bar one of my filters and possibly my flash gun. Nobody was seriously hurt, although there were some stiff joints the next morning! we eventually managed to locate hire car and managed to get to our cottage at around 11pm. Not quite the start planned...

Sunday, 4 April 2010

4th April 2010

I joined my sister and her family for our traditional Easter picnic at Kirkham Priory. It is such a beautiful setting - at the base of a small valley, just above the river; opposite the valley side is wooded, with the York - Scarborough railway line passing through. We had fun at the picnic, rolling (or hurling) eggs that Catherine and Co. had decorated, the children (young and somewhat older) played a game of Sardines, and we ended with an easter egg hunt. The rain held off long enough for us to have a good time.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

30 March 2010

Having a few days annual leave; pouring with rain, so have spent the day indoors. I bought some flowers from Tesco to cheer myself up!

Sunday, 28 March 2010

27 March 2010

A lovely Spring day. I drove up to a village North of Thirsk which has the most wonderful old Norman Church that sits in a field of daffodils. Unfortunately they weren't yet in full flower, so I will have to return in a week or so. On the way back down the A19 I stopped off at another Norman church, St Mary the Virgin, otherwise known as Leake Church; I have passed so many times, and often thought about stopping to take a look. The church is large, and has some lovely relatively modern stained glass. I had often wondered about the churches location - it stands directly next to the busy A19 and, with the exception of the neighbouring farm, stands quite solitary. A little research shows that in the 14th century it was at the heart of a large and thriving village of perhaps 1,500 inhabitants. However at some time in the late 15th or the 16th century the village simply disappeared - I haven't been able to discover if it is recorded why; perhaps disease, or crop failure, or clearance by a landlord.

Friday, 26 March 2010

22 March 2010

Caught this on my way home from work - the storm clouds provided the perfect back-drop for the minster. the tele-photo lens has had a fore-shortening effect, making the minster look much closer than it really is.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

19 March 2010

I was up and out of the house by 6.30 am, but I still managed to arrive at my location after the sun had come up. I drive past this flooded field every day on my way to work, and have been thinking about taking a photo here for a long time - I will have to revisit next week and see if I can actually be set up prior to the sun rise!

18 March 2010

One from the common before work. I must get up earlier, as by 7.30 the contrast is really too great.