Wednesday, 28 July 2010

24th June 2010

7.30am in a field near where I work.

22nd June 2010

Some sort of dragonfly at the pond during my lunch hour.

20th June 2010

This is where I sit and have my lunch when the weather is fine and sunny.

19th June 2010

Going through the motions!

Not much to add really....

18th June 2010

One of those absolutely extraordinary moments of serendipity. This group of Chelsea Pensioners had travelled to York to be a part of the celebrations surrounding the award of new colours to the Yorkshire Regiment. Due to a mix up they ended up at the wrong barracks, and we ended up hosting them for a couple of hours. The most amazing thing is that one of the veterans, Ernie, a Green Howard, was one of the buglers who played the Last Salute at my Great Grandfather, General Sir Edward Bulfin's funeral, back in the 1930s. He was the most delightful gentleman, and I felt truly humbled to have met him.

15th June 2010

Not doing so well at keeping this blog updated!

This is another in my series of Knaresborough, its' river and viaduct. I like this one as one of the boats shares my name!